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Unimod Systems was Established in 1988 ,promoted by Mr Sunil Bhandari (B.Tech- IIT Kanpur and PGDM- IIM Calcutta) and has been associated with almost all large and medium range of Industries and has been meeting their requirements .We now have a wide product range to meet needs of industrial customers.

We are associated with some of the top ranked Companies of India such as



Ever since its inception, we have had an excellent track record because of our emphasis on customer service. It is this strengths that has laid the foundation for the company’s growth .We have a team of Sales and Service Engineers to provide presale Guidance and after Sales Services to our customers.

The Company serves a wide spectrum of industry ranging from process plants ,Steel Plants, Chemical and Fertilizer Plants, Solvent Extraction Plants, Cement Plants, Food Processing Industry,Textile units , Original Equipment manufacturers etc .

The Company has now diversified in supply of FRP Cooling Towers and has already made a mark with its quality and can boast of an impressive client list .Our Customers for FRP Cooling Towers include a wide spectrum of Industries and Shopping Malls.

Our long term plans include manufacture of improved Cooling Towers wherein we can utilize the Heat and energy of the process water to reduce Water Losses and Energy consumption.

We aim to be a major player in Cooling Industry with GREEN Products which will benefit both our customers and environment.

Thermax Ltd has signed a technical knowhow transfer and license agreement for dry and wet electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for power, industrial and utility segments up to 300 MW. The agreement covers leading European and American ESP designs of Balcke-Dürr.These Electro Static Precipitators can be used for diverse applications like power generation, ferrous & non–ferrous metals, paper & pulp, cement & rock products, refinery & petrochemicals, incineration, glass, etc.

Salient features of our ESPs

The salient features of the ESPs Thermax offers include:

Horizontal and vertical flow precipitators.

Dry type designs for gas volumes, from as little as 5,000 m3/hr to 50,00,000 m3/hr.

Wet type designs for maximum particulate removal.

Hot gas designs for operation at temperatures above 450oC.

ESPs for diverse applications like corrosive gas, tar and other difficult material, etc.

Expertise of both top as well as bottom rapping.

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